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Investing across private markets

At Lunate, our investment strategy is predicated on offering our clients customised strategies and solutions across asset classes, capital structure, industries, and geographies.


Asset Classes

Across private markets and select public market opportunities


Unique Geographies

Covering developed and emerging markets



Across core sectors

Generating Long-Term Value

Investment strategies and solutions across the asset-class spectrum


Investing at scale across industries

A cornerstone in our broader investment strategy, the Buyouts asset class offers our investors attractive risk-adjusted returns, balancing the relative stability of mature businesses with opportunities for significant value enhancement.

We target businesses across sectors and geographies, with a particular focus on information technology, healthcare, financials, and industrial services. Our investment spectrum focuses on mid-cap to mega-cap deals, ensuring a breadth of exposure.

Growth Equity

Investing in leading growth companies

Through Growth Equity, we offer our investors relatively higher returns via exposure to businesses with strong management teams and the potential to scale and grow revenues rapidly.

Our investment approach is anchored on identifying businesses that operate in fast-growing markets and can potentially become leaders in their industries or sub-sectors. These businesses tend to be profitable, or have a clear path to profitability, along with quantifiable financing requirements and a timeline to an IPO.

Venture Capital

Early-stage capital for disruptive founders

Through Venture Capital investments, we seek to catalyse the growth of early and late-stage innovative companies that are at the forefront of technology and market disruption.

We focus on tech-enabled sectors, where rapid innovation and market evolution offer substantial opportunities for outsized returns. We leverage our long-standing relationships and deep understanding of the innovation cycle to gain access to premier investment opportunities.

Senior Credit

Traditional direct lending to established businesses

Our approach to Senior Credit investing is defined by the bespoke nature of direct lending. We invest in opportunities that are senior in the capital structure with attractive cash yields over a relatively short duration.

Our process is anchored in robust fundamental diligence and is focused on high-quality assets to deliver consistent returns within this asset class to our investors.

Mezzanine Credit

Creative and flexible subordinated financing opportunities

As part of our Mezzanine Credit strategy, we focus on a wide range of opportunities and provide tailored financing solutions positioned between senior credit and equity in the capital structure.

Our investment approach is characterised by robust diligence, focusing on opportunities that have the benefits of capital structure protection and can deliver equity-like returns.

Distressed Credit

Opportunistic financing for distressed businesses

Our expertise, and that of our partners, in navigating the complexities of distressed situations, enables us to effectively manage the risks associated with these high-return-potential investments.

While the potential for default and the intricate nature of restructuring present challenges, our investment approach aims to capitalise on these situations, leveraging our market insights and robust risk management capabilities.

Real Assets

Allocating capital to physical assets

Real Assets are an important component of our investment strategy, offering our investors stable cash flows and the potential for long-term capital appreciation through investments in infrastructure and real estate.

Our Real Assets target portfolio spans a range of sectors, including clean energy, power and utilities, energy, and transportation – providing our clients with exposure to diverse and stable income-generating opportunities.

GP Stakes

Participating in the success of private fund managers

By investing in GP Stakes, we provide our clients with an innovative way to participate in the broader dynamics of private market investing, benefiting from both the stability of management fees and the upside potential of carried interest in successful fund strategies.

Our approach to GP Stakes investing is rooted in thorough analysis of the GP's track record and the scalability of their strategies. We leverage our relationships and industry insights to identify GPs with strong leadership, robust infrastructure and a proven ability to generate consistent returns across cycles.

Public Equity & Credit

Unique access to public market opportunities

Public Equity and Credit opportunities complement our private market offerings, providing our investors with access to selected public market investments. We have a strategic emphasis on pre-IPOs, initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary market transactions.

Our investment approach is underpinned by private equity-style underwriting, seeking to deliver capital growth over the medium-term.

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

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