Multi-Asset Class Investment Strategies

Unparalleled access to global investment opportunities

With an investment process grounded in deep due diligence and a quantitative bias to portfolio construction, we seek to generate best-in-class risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Investment Strategies

Customised strategies that drive value for our clients

Fund Investments

Global, diversified portfolio of multi-asset class private funds

Our Funds Investment Strategy offers investors exposure to private markets across asset classes, sectors and geographies.

We select managers with proven track records in specific asset classes, sector and value creation expertise, and the ability to generate alpha over the long term.

Through our LP investment experience, deep global relationships and rigorous manager due diligence, we construct an optimal multi-asset class portfolio of high-quality, sought-after funds, seeking to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

While we, mainly, seek to deploy capital through primary fund strategies of selected managers, we may opportunistically seek to deploy capital through secondary LP stakes. We also, occasionally, seek to invest in our niche co-branded primary fund strategies, applying the same rigorous portfolio construction process that we apply to all our fund investments.

Direct & Co-Investments

Global, diversified portfolio of multi-asset class direct and co-investments

Our Direct & Co-investments Strategy leverages our extensive network of managers and partners to generate unique access to differentiated deal flow. Our process is grounded in deep due diligence and a rigorous approach to portfolio construction.

We seek to invest in companies across asset classes, sectors and geographies, leveraging the in-depth expertise of our General Partners. Our risk-reward-based selection and deal sizing process allows us to create an optimal portfolio with low pairwise correlation, enabling us to generate highly attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

In addition to co-underwriting, co-sponsoring and syndicating with our partners, we also selectively target secondary GP stakes and direct investments that offer opportunities for outsized risk-adjusted returns.

Long-Term Capital

Concentrated strategy targeting high cash yields and long-term capital appreciation

Our Long-Term Capital Strategy is tailored to the needs of investors seeking sustainable cash yields over extended periods and long-term capital appreciation.

We invest in assets with enduring value, such as infrastructure, real estate and GP stakes, which are structured to provide stable, long-term cash flows. These investments are carefully selected based on their potential to provide steady returns and act as natural defences against short-term market fluctuations.

Our expertise lies in collaborating with industry-leading partners and operators. We identify and evaluate long-duration, high-quality opportunities to create a more concentrated portfolio of companies that generate stable yields for our investors.

Special Opportunities

Unique access to public market opportunities

Our Special Opportunities Strategy provides access to the vast landscape of public markets, investing in a curated selection of shorter-duration and opportunistic public equity and credit.

With a strategic emphasis on pre-IPOs, initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary market opportunities in public markets, we provide our clients with unique access, both in the Middle East and globally.

We apply the same rigour of security selection and portfolio construction as in our private market strategies, ensuring each public investment is selected and sized for its potential to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Climate Investments

The world’s largest private markets climate fund

ALTÉRRA, the world’s largest private investment vehicle for climate action, was established by Lunate and launched at COP28.

ALTÉRRA aims to mobilise private capital at scale to finance the net zero transition, with a focus on underserved markets in the Global South.

It will invest in commercial projects with decarbonisation outcomes, both directly and as an LP through a US$25 billion Acceleration Fund and a US$5 billion Transformation Fund. Visit the website to find out more about ALTÉRRA and its strategy.


Local, regional and global ETFs through MENA's leading manager

ETFs provide investors with access to a diverse array of opportunities in the public markets. We offer a comprehensive suite of ETFs covering the UAE, the region and beyond, in both Shariah-compliant and conventional form. Visit our dedicated ETF page to find out more about our range of Exchange Traded Funds.

Asset Classes

Asset Classes

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